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user-offline Planned, bug1 Bug

Development for Egg and Gherkin for CLR has been paused. I started porting the core components to JRE.

Version 0.9.10 user-offline 
user-offline Adjacency matrix
user-offline Metric Maintainability Index
user-offline Show edges across subgraphs in architecture graph, when selected a node  

bug1 Create references to a class, when an array of that type is found (when A[] then reference A)
bug1 Methodenreinheit was not thread safe and therefore sometimes failed to initialize
bug1 Methodenreinheit returned false positives for ModifySelf and ModifyCommon

Version 0.9.9 dialog-clean
dialog-clean Highlight all adjacent edges when selecting node in architecture graph 
dialog-clean Option to hide transitive edges
dialog-clean Serialize InstructionCache; create metrics report in Addin process instead of AnalysisHost
dialog-clean Improve routing of edges, especially vertical Arrangement
dialog-clean Busy indicator during analysis in addin
dialog-clean Cheat sheet
dialog-clean Basic touch gestures
dialog-clean Metric to count references between two elements  
dialog-clean Selection mode to hide nodes in architecture graph

bug1 Depending on systems theme, the results of tests are hardly readable (fixed with
bug1 Types might be accidently marked generated, when they contain generated inner types (fixed with 
bug1 Visibility of Events is now determined by analyzing the "add_" accessor 
bug1 Catch blocks create references to the exception type
bug1 Do not crash when analyzing a module that references a different version of DependencyAnalysis 
bug1 By serializing the InstructionCache enable all tests when running as Addin. It was possible only running the standalone analyzer before.

Version 0.9.8  dialog-clean 
dialog-clean Addin for MonoDevelop
dialog-clean Run Addin as standalone application
dialog-clean Halstead metric
dialog-clean Methodenreinheit
dialog-clean Check for common example rules in Addin

bug1 Set parent of MemberDescriptor objects for members in framework or foreign assemblies like it is done for project assemblies
bug1 fix routing points for transitions in layered graph layout

Version 0.9.7 dialog-clean  
dialog-clean Display dependencies as graph (architecture graph)
dialog-clean Enhance visual appearance of architecture graph
dialog-clean Layered graph arrangement
dialog-clean Analyze XAML resource dictionaries.
dialog-clean Routing of edges in automatically arraged graph

bug1 Analyze inheritance for all types not only those inside the project
bug1 StackOverflowException on layer assignment in some graph types
bug1 generated functional members like 'Boolean<FormatDisplayText>b__d(Double)' collapse with their parent member, for example 'FormatDisplayText'

Version 0.9.6 dialog-clean  
dialog-clean Create a SharpDevelop Addin
dialog-clean Liskov Substitution Principle
dialog-clean Provide MSTest template project
dialog-clean Provide NUnit template project
dialog-clean Provide xUnit template project

Windows Installer XML setup for Addins has been cancelled 

bug1 During analysis ignore assemblies that cannot be loaded, instead of crash
bug1 Analyze references to types that have no full name (yes they exist)

Version 0.9.5 dialog-clean  
dialog-clean Create a Visual Studio 2010 Addin
dialog-clean Harmonize visuals for Addin
dialog-clean Principle: Law of Demeter
dialog-clean Store preferences for Addin per solution
dialog-clean Drill down in proximity graph

bug1 Scroll to zoom in graph uses wrong coordinates
bug1 Omit dummy members that represent type references in graphs

Version 0.9.4 dialog-clean (Delayed by two weeks due to flood water in parts of Germany)
dialog-clean Create Visual Studio 2012 Addin for ad-hoc analysis of your project
dialog-clean Display metrics in a grid
dialog-clean Adequate performing serialization between Addin (Visual Studio process) and AnalysisHost process
dialog-clean Display dependencies as graph (proximity graph)
dialog-clean Create a logo for the project
dialog-clean improve performance of code duplication analysis

bug1 Constructors of anonymous types no longer hide constructors of the declaring type during "build dependencies" phase
bug1 Type descriptors were added multiple times to SubmoduleDescriptor.Types collection, same instance foreach inner anonymous type. Now ignored when already present.
bug1 Metric Relational Cohesion correctly selects references within module

Version 0.9.3 dialog-clean 
dialog-clean Add predefined where-clauses for code of your project
dialog-clean Elevate Setup class to the standard initialization for DependencyAnalysis
dialog-clean Provide a standard ruleset for members that should be refactored
dialog-clean Create XML reports
dialog-clean Metrics report
dialog-clean Code duplication report
dialog-clean Code smell report
dialog-clean Provide example XSLT files for XML reports

bug1 DescriptorBuilder fills Name value of MemberDescriptor

Version 0.9.2 dialog-clean 
dialog-clean Basic code duplication analysis as "Don't Repeat Yourself" principle.
dialog-clean New method Verifier.VerifyDoesNotReferTo that reports forbidden accessors, which is more verbose than Assert.IsFalse(Verifier.RefersTo(..));

bug1 Instability returns 1 instead of infinity for object without any afferences and efferences

Version 0.9.1 dialog-clean 
dialog-clean Add Verification of design principles.
dialog-clean Support "Acyclic Dependency Principle".
dialog-clean Support "Depend on Stable Principle".
dialog-clean Consolidate the API.
dialog-clean Document the API contracts.
dialog-clean Enter Beta stage.

bug1 CilReader reads correct operand for branching instruction with short value
bug1 return, continue and break do not count towards nesting depth

Version 0.9.0 dialog-clean 
dialog-clean Build dependency model
dialog-clean Common metrics
dialog-clean Allow tests on dependencies
dialog-clean Qualify "A refers to B"
dialog-clean VerifyThat
dialog-clean VerifyMembersAreUsed
dialog-clean VerifyForeignModules
dialog-clean VerifyAccessType
dialog-clean VerifyNoOtherReferrers
dialog-clean VerifyVersatility

Version 0.9.x user-offline 
user-offline Metric Common coupling.
user-offline Principle: Single Level of Abstraction
user-offline More Principles (SRP, DIP, SOC, Information Hiding)
user-offline Report all modules, submodules, types, members for which no assumptions have been approved yet.
user-offline Enhance styles for addin
user-offline Get rid of reflections: Therefore not loading assemblies anymore, just parse
user-offline Support for DLR
user-offline Analysis on remote machine, visualization on local machine

Version J0.9.0 appointment-soon  (Alpha status based on the core components of version 0.9.9 for CLR)
appointment-soon Port to JRE
appointment-soon Verify Dependencies
appointment-soon Metrics
appointment-soon Principles

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